Thursday, July 28, 2011

beginning of summer 2011

Hey Everyone! This summer has been a busy one this far! We most recently took a trip to Helena, Montana to visit Angie and her family. Aspen had so much fun playing with her cousins! She is crawling and ALMOST walking. She is a hyper girl now but she was worn out by the end....  

Aspen also LOVES to go swimming. She is just like her mommy and daddy. She is a sun worshiper, haha. We have taken her to Ross park to the kiddy pool. She is constantly trying to get on her feet and go play with the bigger kids. We think we have our hands full now, I can't imagine what it will be like when she can walk and run. 

and of course, like all fun, days she is well worn out....

The weekend before our Montana trip we made a trip to Island Park to see our friends Matt and Kayla get married. The location, wedding, and bride were fabulous! Congrats you two. You guys were made for each other!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As of late....

 Welcome to our new blog! I've never done this blog thing so don't judge it quite yet haha. 

   First off, a little about what our little family has been up to. Aspen will be 7 months this month! I can't believe how much she has grown, her little personality is so cute. She is such a little monkey now, getting into everything within her reach. She loves to play and is the happiest baby! We can't get enough of her smiles and giggles.
   This is her first time being a big girl and sitting in the cart with no car seat. She helped me pick up some things for my yummy deviled eggs I made on Easter. She thought is was the funniest thing ever. 

   I could go on all day about my little Aspen. But there is another member of our family that I am very proud of. Britain has been attending Utah Helicopter school at the Pocatello airport since January. He is so passionate about it and puts his whole heart into his flying and studying. He has enough experience now to be flying solo in the next few weeks! Scary! 
  This is him getting ready to fly the school helicopter, yes, in the FREEZING cold!

   And then there's me. I am still working full time as a supervisor at Syringa Wireless. I am also currently training to run a half or full marathon this summer, whichever I feel like I can do when August rolls around. I try and run at least 5 miles everyday. A full marathon is 26 miles and a half is 13.